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>Question: Yeast infection is a sexually transmitted infection or not?

There are many women who have experienced a yeast infection. They may say that this is a disaster for women. It causes severe itching. Pain during sexual intercourse And also to be repeated frequently. Which for some people may not know what caused it. This infection is a sexually transmitted infection that is more normal.

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Yeast infections are often associated with sexual activity frequently. As well as the risk of vaginal infections, inflammation of the Black Maria (Bacterial vaginosis), but infections are usually not classified in the group of sexually transmitted infection. In theory, that candida infection can occur during sexual intercourse. I found quite a few The most common cause of yeast infection is over. The loss of bacteria in the vagina or other causes unrelated to sex.

Some women may find that they have a yeast infection, after the use of antibiotics. Because antibiotics are Lactobacilli bacteria, which is commonly found in the vagina was lost. This bacterium is the same family as the bacteria found in yogurt. It creates many substances that inhibit the growth of yeast. The vagina that usually is protected by a yeast infection.

Another risk of recurrent yeast infection is an infection by HIV found that women infected with HIV often have recurrent infections were more frequent. But the infection in these patients, it is not necessary to have more severe infections in patients who are not infected with HIV, this belief is a fallacy, which began in the early days. Which began with the outbreak of HIV.

Other risks include the yeast infection.

  • Use of oral contraceptives containing certain hormones.
  • The use of panty liner made of plastic often.
  • The use of cleaning products and the potential destruction of normal bacteria in the vagina.
  • The glucose abnormalities (Made with sugar in the vagina. This makes it easier for yeast to grow).

However, these factors may be caused by the disease as well. For example, women with yeast infections often might think to use the pads in underwear or cleaning product potential.

If you have a yeast infection is frequently recurrent.

Women who have frequent yeast infections may need to consult an expert. The treatment may be used to alter the way of life. Obstetricians or may be ordered to help with fungicide treatment.

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