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ความสำคัญของเส้นประสาทคู่ที่ 10 Vagus nerve

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ความสำคัญของเส้นประสาทคู่ที่ 10 Vagus nerve

10 Vagus nerve is a nerve that line the longest and most important of the nerves in the body. Help control the important work we have to find different ways to use nerve pair 10 Vaggus nerve to maintain a long period of time.

10 Vagus nerve nerve pair is?

Couples nerve 10 Vagus nerve (10th cranial nerve) nerve is very long, starting at the brainstem and extends down through the throat and into the chest and abdomen. 10 Vagus nerve by nerve pair of two left and right. Doctors often collectively "Nerve pair 10 Vagus nerve." It will serve to control the muscles of the throat and larynx, including the heart, lungs, blood vessels in the chest and gastrointestinal tract.

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ไม่ว่าคุณจะอยากได้ "แบบใส" หรือ "แบบลวด" เราก็มีให้คุณครบจบที่เดียว เริ่มต้นเพียง 1,750 บาท เท่านั้น

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It also plays an important role in regulating heart rate and function of the digestive tract. The information from the nerves of the internal organs back to the brain.

Why the double nerve 10 Vagus nerve is so important?

The most important match of the nerve 10 Vagus nerve is a nerve. Parasympathetic The nerve fiber (Parasympathetic Fiber) to the vital organs of the body such as the head, neck, chest and abdomen. Couples nerve 10 Vagus nerve function, causing retching (Gag Reflex) and coughing when the ear canal is stimulated (Ear canal) to slow the heartbeat. Control perspiration Control blood pressure Stimulate peristalsis of the digestive tract. Timing and compression of the blood vessels.

Nerve stimulation pair 10 Vagus nerve can cause immediate symptoms Vagal "vasovagal reflex", consisting of a sudden drop in blood pressure. And heart rate slowed. The syndrome often characterized by abdominal pain, pain caused by a sudden fear or stress. In people with heart rate and blood pressure drop. Can cause loss of consciousness and fainting (Vasovagal syncope).

Read about syncope kind Vagal more (vasovagal syncope) nerve stimulation at more than double the 10 Vagus nerve is also found in certain diseases, such as diseases of the autonomic nervous system defects (dysautonomias).

By stimulating nerve 10 Vagus nerve pair may have therapeutic uses such as treatment of myocardial two lower chambers to beat faster. (Supraventricular Tachycardia) or hiccup (Hiccup), and help doctors diagnose the nature of the heart of Mercer Merrill. (Sounds like a dance murmur; Heart murmur) nerve stimulation with a 10 Vagus nerve easier method middle ear pressure by the body while breathing mask (Valsava maneuver).

The couple's relationship nerve 10 Vagus nerve and heart.

Couples nerve 10 Vagus nerve on the right to send nerve impulses to the muscles, stimulating muscle Sinus node heartbeat slow down. The left sends nerve impulses to the muscle groups AV node stimulate heart muscle squeeze slowly (Heart block).

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Using a pair of nerve 10 Vagus nerve in medical treatment (Vagus Nerve Stimulation Therapy; VNS).

Because nerve pair 10 Vagus nerve is responsible for many important medical. The attention brought to 10 Vagus nerve stimulation, nerve pair used to treat the symptoms for so long decades.

In the past decade, Used to cut some of the nerve pair 10 Vagus nerve (Vagotomy) for the treatment of stomach ulcers. This reduces the amount of acid produced in the stomach more. Which cuts some of the nerves, both at 10 Vagus nerve (Vagotomy) adverse quite a lot. But today there are other therapies that are more effective. The use of this method is less.

Today, devices are used for medical (Vagus Nerve Stimulation devices; VNS devices) nerve stimulation pair 10 Vagus nerve with more power (Pace maker) for the treatment of many diseases such as epilepsy, severe drug use is not. results (Refractory Epilepsy), depression (refractory depression).

The medical device (Vagus Nerve Stimulation devices; VNS devices), as this powerful hammer. Can be used to treat symptoms such as high blood pressure, migraine (migraine), ringing in the ears (tinnitus), muscle weakness. (Fibromyalgia), weight decreased (Weight loss) necessitating the use of a medical device, VNS devices should be governed by a trust.

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