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ยา Preparation H ปลอดภัยกับหญิงตั้งครรภ์หรือไม่?
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Piles (Hemorrhoids) caused by inflammation and swelling of the veins around the rectum (Rectum) are found quite often in women who conceive and create more pain. Treatment requires a lot of ways to help prevent constipation is to relieve symptoms and reduce the size of hemorrhoids.

"I never knew myself as hemorrhoids. Just to mention it was a shame. Who wants to talk about the butt of my own? "- Asked one mother.

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"You know I'm good at not allowing me to say much. It feels good at this stuff is common. But who want to see it with? Thanks to her doctors have given me good advice. "

One reason that pregnant women with hemorrhoids is constipation. So the first step in the treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnancy is to prevent constipation. By drinking water regularly and eat foods with more fiber. Exercise is a key factor in the prevention of hemorrhoids. These tips will help you relieve constipation.

You may have a hemorrhoid pain of having varicose veins. You may also relieve symptoms such a way that is safe for pregnancy following.

  • Sitting in warm water (sitz baths).
  • Drug Preparation H
  • Tuck the drug or other worksheet witch hazel pad.
  • drug Anusol

You may wonder how they use Preparation H drugs safe to use during pregnancy or not? Over-the-counter drug available during every pregnancy to term or not. Medication can help relieve pain quickly. You may find a product that suits you best. But always keep in mind that prevention and treatment can be done simultaneously.

"Cold patch relieves pain for hemorrhoids is quite cool" - Another mother said.

"I was amazed with the speed, ease the pain of this patch. It's not just the symptoms disappear. But at a level tolerable. I use these plates clean, then have a real benefit. My doctor said I can use it at any time. But when coupled with the vitamins and snacks to eat, then I feel a lot better quickly. "

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You should consult a physician or care about pregnancy constipation and hemorrhoids. There may be some changes that can help improve your symptoms, such as changing the addition of vitamins or iron can make you constipated. So if you have the opportunity to experience problems, anemia, and may need to be reinforced. Remember to remind your doctor or child care problems, constipation and hemorrhoids or you are with.

The birth was Sometimes exert force or gestures during birth can cause hemorrhoids or make symptoms worse in people who already have hemorrhoids. The best advice is When the body tries to force you to tell (If you can touch) method is called. To accelerate delivery of natural (spontaneous bearing down) If you can not help feeling the strain of being the driving force behind the blocks.

You may change the manner of delivery, that is. When use the side force. This can reduce the pressure to act on the affected area hemorrhoids. If your hemorrhoids are emerging or recurring. How it's still the same way.

Your hemorrhoids are often better after birth. In general, surgery is not the way to treat your child until then. Most women do not need surgery to treat hemorrhoids. It may be an alternative for people with severe symptoms.

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