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ไวรัสทำให้เกิดโรคมะเร็งได้อย่างไร และเป็นมะเร็งชนิดใดได้บ้าง?

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ไวรัสทำให้เกิดโรคมะเร็งได้อย่างไร และเป็นมะเร็งชนิดใดได้บ้าง?

A virus that can cause cancer or not? If there is any virus And cause cancer? And what types of cancer that occur? There are ways to prevent freezing?

Viruses are the most common cause of cancer.

You might think the virus is most annoying is that cause colds. However, some of the problems were actually more than 20% of cancers worldwide are infection is the cause.

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In the US, there may be fewer. The virus also causes cancer of 5-10%.

The important thing to emphasize is that most viruses do not cause cancer. Moreover Although the virus can cause mutations that cause cells to become cancerous. But most of these damaged cells could be eliminated by our immune system. Once infected, the virus causes cancer. Which in turn Can avoid being eliminated by the immune system. I often find that there are many factors that make the process happen. As will be discussed further

The virus causes cancer, how?

A virus is a genetic DNA or RNA wrapped in a protein shell. What makes it unique is that it is not necessary to operate. They need to invade host cells (Host cell) (plants, animals or bacteria may be) to be able to live and multiply. The virus can cause cancer in several ways.

  • Some viruses cause chronic inflammation. Which results from chronic inflammation causes increased cell division to compensate for the cell damage. When cells divide It is prone to mutation, so the inflammation caused by these viruses cause increased cell division. Making it more likely to have the disorder occurs in the genetic material. And cause cancer as possible.
  • Some viruses cause cancer by damaging DNA directly.
  • Some viruses modify the immune system. Making it possible to eliminate cancer cells less.

The virus that causes cancer

The viruses that cause cancer may be either DNA or RNA viruses that cause cancer are listed below. It is possible that may increase in the future. It is to be noted that Some bacteria and parasites also cause cancer as well.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) and cancer.

Human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted virus. Which affects more than twenty million Americans are infected with HPV, the most common sexually transmitted HPV known to have over a hundred varieties. But only about 30 species, only to learn that cause cancer.

The species is most inextricably with cancer HPV 16 and 18.

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The HPV vaccine to protect against HPV 16 and 18 are available for children aged 11-12 years and can start from the age of 9 years old to 26 years old.

Cancer is known today as infections associated with HPV.

  • Cervical cancer - HPV strains at high risk for cervical cancer before it all.
  • Cancer flaps - 69% of female genital cancers caused by HPV.
  • Anal cancer - about 91% of anal cancer caused by HPV.
  • -75% Of vaginal cancer, vaginal cancer caused by HPV.
  • Linga Linga cancer -63% of cancer is caused by HPV. 
  • Head and Neck Cancer - It is known that 75% of cancers of the pharynx are caused by HPV.

In other cancers, there are no clear data, for example, lung cancer is caused by HPV, but is not yet aware that HPV contributes to lung cancer or not, if versa. The lung cancer increases the chance of exposure, or HPV, is the only incident that happened by chance. And unrelated

It is desirable that some cancers have a better prognosis when associated with HPV infection, such as cancer of the throat that is caused by both smoking and drinking alcohol. The prognosis is worse than cancer in the throat caused by infection with HPV.

Hepatitis B and cancer

Infection with hepatitis B virus (HBV) increased chance of developing liver cancer. These viral infections have occurred through blood, semen and other body fluids from person to person. Channel exposure in common is to have sex without protection. Transmission from mother to child during birth. And needle sharing. (More common among addicts. Found as well in a few).

Most people feel better after acute infection with hepatitis B (approximately 70% and another 30% have no symptoms), but some people are chronically infected with HBV. Which is often found in people with the disease as a child and whose disease has no symptoms. The liver cancer occur more frequently in people infected with chronic hepatitis B virus (vectors).

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The children, mostly born in the 1980s will be on enhancing immunity against hepatitis B already. The adults who have not been immunized, it should be added as well.

Hepatitis C and cancer

Infection with hepatitis C also increases the risk of liver cancer as well. Hepatitis C is known hepatitis types A and B are not either until the 1980s, in the early stages of infection may have symptoms. But many people have no symptoms, about 80% of HCV infections become chronic. Unlike hepatitis B often do not become chronic.

When the immune system to destroy the virus is continuing. To cause fibrosis (Fibrosis) which cause cirrhosis (Cirrhosis), followed by chronic infection can cause liver cancer as well.

The virus is transmitted through blood, blood transfusion or using drugs intravenously. But many infected people do not have obvious risk of this disease. While this suggests that those born between the years 1945 and 1965 tested to detect the disease. As well as those at risk.

Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) and Cancer.

It is known that Epstein Barr Virus causes mono nucleotides Allister. (Mononucleosis), but was associated with lymphatic cancer (lymphoma), including many species.

  • Lymphoma after grafting - 1-20% of people who receive organ transplants. And almost all related to infectious EBV.
  • Lymphoma associated with HIV.
  • Lymphoma No. Kitt (Burkitt's lymphoma) - African pediatric cancer, about half found a lymphoma Burkina, which 98% related to EBV relationship of EBV and lymphoma in children. in the US, this disease is still not clear how. It is estimated that malaria can cause immunity in young African weakened. The virus causes the cells to transform into cancer.
  • Hodgkinson lymphoma (Hodgkin's lymphoma) - EBV is estimated that 40-50% of cancer in the lymph nodes of this kind in the United States.

It is also known that EBV causes nasopharyngeal cancer and stomach cancer as well.

Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and cancer.

HIV and cancer are related to some. As you know, several difficult years, the immune system weakens immunity. Cause cancer The immune system weakened by HIV infection is a risk factor for cancer. Lymphoma sleep Hodgkinson (non Hodgkin's lymphoma) lymphoma Hodgkinson. Lymphoma occurs in the nervous system. Leukemia Multiple myeloma and leukemia are associated with HIV infection who have already said that HIV weakens the immune system. (Malaria as cause) makes EBV triggers the transformation of a lymphocyte cancer.

Other than lymphoma and HIV are also at risk of cancer, Kaposi's sarcoma, lung cancer, cervical cancer, anal cancer. And liver cancer, too

T-Lymphotrophic virus (HTLV-1), and cancer.

HTLV-1 is a Retro virus (retrovirus) that causes leukemia. Or the human T cell lymphoma in adults.

Human Herpes Virus (HHV-8), and cancer.

HHV-8 causes cancer, Kaposi's sarcoma and is also known as KSHV-Kaposi sarcoma herpes virus.

Merkel cell polyomavirus

Merkel cell polyomavirus is known McPyV can cause skin cancer known as merkel cell carcinoma, but even if this virus is common in the population. But the cancer-causing back rare.

Cancer is caused by a virus.

"Prevention is better than cure" is known to cause several types of cancer virus from person to person. Sexual intercourse without protection and not sharing needles as a way to reduce their risk. The importance of good health in general. Knowing how to eat and exercise. Are encouraged to test the function of the immune system that make it more likely that the virus will cause more cancer or not.

Cancer is caused by a virus of interest in research. The idea that cancer can prevent these types of vaccinations to prevent the virus from entering the body.

Ultimately, scientists are studying the relationship between viruses and cancer, and other cancers using anti-virus, rather than a cause of disease.

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