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พบสารตะกั่วในสีน้ำมันทาอาคาร สูงเกินกว่ามาตรฐานผลิตภัณฑ์อุตสาหกรรม

Walaiporn porch Suwan deputy director of the Foundation renovated the house. Along with test results, the researchers said. "Lead in paint, oil paint, building" after sampling, oil paint, building 120 samples of 68 brands available in the market across the country

from the test sample to 79% the amount of "lead" over Industrial Standards (TIS. .) set

, of which 40% of the lead content exceeded the standard, more than 100 times the amount of lead that means there is more than one thousand parts per million (P. M), both at TIS. Set the standard for lead was no more than 100 parts, only

indulging in the lead-up to find that there are more than 9.5 ppm. The lowest amount of lead that is less than 9 ppm

by checking the "label" of oil paint buildings identified. "Do not mix the lead" of the 29 samples returned 8 samples with lead content higher than 1 thousand ppm.

But the fact that examination may be useful to raise awareness to consumers only. Because there is still a "gap" in the law,

that is to say Mogwai. The oil paint buildings, no enforcement. Or condemning any measures He is described as a "voluntary" Entrepreneurs will not stick to the TIS. Any

significant if the operator does not stick to the TIS. Oil production has already exceeded by lead. It is not considered guilty anyhow

Pen makeover Clan founding director of the Ecological Restoration Foundation, said that as long as there is no mandatory standards and labeling requirements. Consumers may not know is that the products are safe.

"Kids are very worrisome. Because the body absorb more lead than adults are. And as the brain and nerves are sensitive. If you have been lead to greatly affect the development and function of the brain throughout life, "Fil makeover identified

However, the recent Cabinet has approved the recommendation of the Council of Economic Advisers and the National Society (Sp.). to change the amount of lead in paint, oil paint, building of a voluntary standard mandatory. And endorsed a proposal to the Office of Consumer Protection (CPB). The set of compulsory labeling. To provide a warning of the dangers of lead paint in buildings by the end of 2556

, the power industry in Sri exceptionally Secretary Nong Industrial Standards (TISI) said it has not received the report findings. And do not know where those reports take the form of research, however,

the TISI has set the standard color is clear. And treasurer to a thorough examination. If the anchor is not standard. The product seizure, attachment or can be immediately revoked license

this TISI give due attention to have an impact on public health. According to the Foundation for Ecological Restoration send data to the anchor. So to double check

the World Health Organization has designated. "Severe mental retardation from lead" is one of the 10 most lethal diseases with the risk factors of the environment. As a result, children with intellectual disabilities in more than six hundred cases, mostly children living in countries with middle income and low income.

This is an issue that can immediately measure stalls. Government should be implemented urgently.

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