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If you've had a miscarriage before, and are pregnant. Tighten the abdominal pain, you may be concerned that it is caused by stretching of the uterus or it is a signal that is barren or not. We should learn how to do in this situation.

Abdominal pain, spasticity disorders.

You should immediately consult a doctor if pain or severe spasticity not lost much. If it serious You should be able to determine whether or not an ectopic pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy) If you think you have symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy, and are torn (ruptured ectopic pregnancy) should be rushed to the emergency room immediately. In addition, if you are one-sided abdominal pain, spasticity. Safety should consult a doctor immediately. Although the pain is not so much because of the pain one can indicate a pregnancy outside the uterus (ectopic pregnancy).

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In the early stages of pregnancy. If symptoms are abdominal pain or bleeding from the vagina. Consult your doctor because you may suffer miscarriages. May not have the means to abort it. However, doctors are able to detect the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in your blood. Or the use of ultra sound (ultrasound) examined what happens.

Tighten abdominal pain, usually during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Abdominal pain, spasticity may mean disorders in pregnancy. It refers to the normal symptoms of pregnancy as well. As your uterus has expanded. You may feel pain or discomfort after contracting slightly. Abdominal pain, spasticity, which may feel like there is nothing to push or expanded. Or may feel like period. Abdominal pain, spasticity light periodically is normal and does not mean that there are miscarriages. When you go to the doctor Should tell you about the pain of spasticity. Although there is nothing to worry if the pain was not anything serious. The stomach does not happen either. Or do not have symptoms associated with blood flow.

Abdominal pain, spasticity in the later stages of pregnancy.

Abdominal pain, spasticity may occur in the later stages of pregnancy, or while the uterus is expanding. Warning signs of preterm delivery (preterm labor), and should consult a doctor immediately if abdominal pain or heavy bleeding, abdominal pain and spasticity.

Description ectopic pregnancy.

Severe abdominal pain during pregnancy may be due to ectopic pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy) normally fertilized egg is implanted in the uterine wall. But when the egg is fertilized and then implanted outside the uterus. We will call this condition that Ectopic pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy), which usually occurs in the duct Aga (fallopian tube) on either side. The eggs travel from the ovaries (ovary) to the womb (uterus) using the oviduct (fallopian tube).

Ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy can not continue to mean that it will not develop into a baby. Ectopic pregnancy tissue that is lacking in the developing embryo (embryo) into a fetus. In addition, Ectopic pregnancy may damage the surrounding tissue, such as ectopic pregnancy may lead to fallopian tear. This is very sore, dizziness, and even life-threatening shock. Required emergency surgery immediately if it happens. If detected early Can be treated by medication Methodist Utrecht Seth. (Methotrexate)

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