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จะมีชีวิตรอดจากภาวะหัวใจวาย (Heart Attack) ได้อย่างไร

ในช่วงนาทีแรกหรือ 2-3 ชั่วโมงแรกที่เกิดอาการมีความสำคัญต่อการอยู่รอดของผู้ป่วยหัวใจวาย(Heart Attack)
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จะมีชีวิตรอดจากภาวะหัวใจวาย (Heart Attack) ได้อย่างไร

There are two reasons why you should know how to survive from heart failure (Heart Attack) The first was during the life of you and your loved one is likely to suffer a heart attack (Heart Attack). very high and secondly, whether you survive or not. What doctors do during the first few hours will affect the long-term health.

Heart attack (Heart Attack) is?

Heart attack (Heart Attack) may also known as a myocardial infarction (MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION; MI) is the most severe form of acute coronary syndrome (Acute Coronary Syndrome; ACS).

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As well as other symptoms of acute coronary syndrome, myocardial infarction. Can be observed from the rupture of a solid sheet of lipid binding. (Atherosclerotic plaque) in the arteries that deliver oxygen to the heart muscle. This plaque rupture cause blood clots that lead to clogged arteries. The heart muscle does not get blood culture. Due to clogged arteries, it starts dying myocardial infarction can be diagnosed when the heart muscle begin to die some.

Blood clots have it? And clots causing heart attack (Heart Attack) How?

As a result, when a heart attack (Heart Attack) is?

The symptoms of myocardial infarction. It involves a very small area of ​​heart muscle dies. And involving the coronary artery blockage. If the artery blockage occurs near the origin of the arteries can affect the heart muscle rather than clogging the arteries.

If there is damage to the heart muscle soreness. It may develop heart failure symptoms during the acute myocardial infarction. This condition is very dangerous The heart muscle is destroyed. Can cause heart failure, although it has fared better then. Prevention of heart failure after myocardial infarction. You should act quickly and immediately.

Myocardial infarction May cause irregular heartbeat, too.

During myocardial infarction The system could lose power in the blood. Cause abnormal heart beats faster, the two lower chambers (Ventricular Tachycardia; VT) and vibrating beats (Ventricular Fibrillation; VF) caused a cardiac arrest and died. This risk may occur as soon as the symptoms of myocardial infarction. And there is still risk even after rehabilitation.

Why the first 2-3 hours of heart failure (Heart Attack) so important?

For anyone with a myocardial infarction. Should be supervised by a doctor quickly for two reasons: to experience cardiac arrest during acute myocardial infarction. This happens within the first few hours. But if the patient suffered a heart attack (Heart Attack) a cardiac arrest at the hospital. The opportunity to receive treatment for survival are quite high.

The effects of both short and long-term symptoms of myocardial infarction. Is based on the number of dead heart muscle tissue. And get medical care quickly and decisively. Coronary artery walls that can be opened quickly. Therefore, keeping the heart muscle at risk of dying within three or four hours to avoid permanent damage to the muscle. But if treatment is delayed more than five or six hours, the amount of heart muscle treatment decreases significantly. After about 12 hours, and if you can not keep them back.

To get medical care quickly and should take into account two things. First, be aware of the signs of a heart attack (Heart Attack) and seek immediate medical assistance. The following are Doctors need to know who is to take care of you. You can do the right thing and quickly.

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