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To prevent infection, the virus that causes the common cold, there is a strong emphasis on age. Especially if you live with a chronic disease such as diabetes or heart disease because the body is unable to fight and eliminate pathogens as the youth. Infection by this age, can cause complications such as malicious. Pneumonia or dehydration.

1. How to avoid infections, colds and flu.

During the winter, the United States is the highest in the country with an illness. By summer, with the spread of the common cold and influenza as possible. Which begins in October The most intense in February. And this epidemic can have a lasting until May. How to fix this problem is best for the season with injuries is to prevent the spread of hospital in which eight this way will make you healthy and not get sick from the flu, too.

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2. Get Flu Vaccine

To get a flu vaccine that prevents many people know each other well. Because the vaccine protects against influenza strains A and B, which is endemic in that year. Although the vaccine will not protect against other influenza virus strains are causing the violence. But to get the vaccine is still considered the best defense. However, there is no vaccine to prevent colds (Common cold), as well as with the influenza (Flu).

3. wash your hands

Washing your hands frequently to prevent transmission of the disease. Flu germs can live on hands for up to three hours if it is touching your eyes or nose area will be affected.

4. Avoid touching your eyes or nose.

Although hand washing is the best way to prevent it. But occasionally, you could not avoid touching your hand. Such as a door knob or press the button on the elevator. Therefore, avoid touching your eyes or nose if it did not wash. Because the area is an area that can be very easily infected.

5. Drink water frequently

The area is hot and dry, you can cause dehydration. The reason for the fall ill easily. So should drink water frequently to maintain hydration of the body. And alcohol is another reason that causes dehydration.

6. sleep enough

The rest will be enough to cause the body to fight infection of the well, which has a fixed schedule to sleep. The elderly should sleep 7-9 hours a day.

7. Avoid contamination of aircraft.

During the season there is an outbreak of any disease. Often with infected people cough or on a plane, at least one person. The best prevention is to drink water frequently or use a nasal spray to help keep the moisture in the body cavity and nose. It will be on air very dry skin and can cause sinus fracture. This will give birth easily infected.

8. Be careful when eating

Be careful if someone's food. Because these foods have caused the contamination. Do not use dining together. It will be easily infected as well.

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