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อาการ คำจำกัดความและการวินิจฉัยโรคความบกพร่องทางการอ่าน (Dyslexia)

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อาการ คำจำกัดความและการวินิจฉัยโรคความบกพร่องทางการอ่าน (Dyslexia)

Disorder dyslexia is a disease believed to be caused by abnormalities in the nervous system that is associated with language. Symptoms usually include a problem in writing and speaking. On a scale from mild to severe. In public schools, the disease may be more severe disabilities that are the disorders of learning. But not every school district to use this word. Read severely impaired disease called disorders of learning in reading or writing in your child's school.

If there is severe reading disorder may be able to receive special education designed to meet the needs of this particular group. In addition, children with disabilities, reading disorders may be the answer or express their feelings through the language. Processor or hard of hearing

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Symptoms of dyslexia may contain Have difficulty speaking or can not be done, for example, a condition that can be read over and over, or just read some of the words. When read aloud to listen They may read a bad word dab and subject to the sort of words and sounds confused. Some words may say cut it out, or speak coherent sentences, such as the dog chased the cat down the street become the gob chaled on the treats patients may also write letters back and front. Or may be written on a mirror-like shine.

In addition, the symptoms of this disorder include difficulty in acquiring language. It may not sound correct or not. Children with this disease often can not say that the main idea of ​​the sentence or not to listen to that speech. Reading quietly Or hear spoken. And may be unable to process from reading to listening. And has trouble explaining the essence of the message.

And of speaking and listening. Will have trouble pronouncing words, especially words that are more than one syllable and common, they can not say what I said to repeated listening. They have to find the meaning of spoken sentences. Orders not And hard to understand the words that are synonymous. Or expressions of the verse also found that there may be a problem with the metaphor. Use words that are synonymous or using symbolic language.

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