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Many people may not be familiar names CCA liver Or have never heard of and do not know it yet. Probably because this type of cancer is more common in the country's southeast. Those patients whose cancer is detected 80-90% of all cancers in the liver bile ducts. Therefore, the study of this disease, it would not hurt. And to protect themselves and prevent this disease.

CCA liver A cancer that is very dangerous. Therefore, you should take care of themselves. So far, the risk of cancer, bile duct in the liver itself.

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Cholangiocarcinoma is?

Cholangiocarcinoma is a tumor that arises from cells lining the wall of the duct and the biliary bile ducts within the liver. Bile ducts outside the liver Men often found in men than women. Most patients typically last for 40 years or more in this disease is a major public health problem in the Northeast. Believed to be caused by eating raw freshwater fish as well. It was the embryo of liver fluke.

The type of cancer, bile duct in the liver.

CCA can be divided into two types according to the location of the cancer.

  1. CCA within the liver It is caused by cells lining the bile ducts in the liver and liver cells to grow into the next. It is like a cancer. And is often mistakenly diagnosed as liver cancer.
  2. CCA outside the liver There was a great start from pole liver bile duct to the distal common bile duct. This type of cancer, which causes blockage of the bile duct. As a result, patients with jaundice have yellow eyes.

alarm Of cholangiocarcinoma in the liver.

  1. Distension or bloating
  2. Palpate the abdomen Found that liver grow in size. The normal liver is not palpable.
  3. Decreased appetite, weight Skinny without cause
  4. Jaundice caused by an adverse reaction caused by the blockage of the bile ducts in the liver.
  5. Feeling itchy skin all over the body.
  6. Pale stools

Risk factors for cancer, bile duct in the liver.

Although cholangiocarcinoma in the liver. It is like a cancer is generally not possible to identify a clear cause can be due to any reason. But if the symptoms Or behavior following It may increase the likelihood of cancer, bile duct in the liver to make more.

  1. Is a chronic incurable disease of the liver and bile ducts, such as chronic pancreatitis. colitis Or a viral liver inflammation.
  2. With stones in the liver
  3. Infected with liver fluke That usually comes from eating fermented foods. Or half-cooked
  4. There are genetic abnormalities in liver since birth.

To reduce the risk of cancer of the bile ducts in the liver.

  1. Do not drink alcohol In order to reduce the risk of developing cirrhosis.
  2. Should vaccination to prevent hepatitis.
  3. Not eating half-cooked or pickled foods. In order to avoid infection of the liver fluke.
  4. Should annual checkups regularly.
  5. If symptoms like the above. Should seek medical attention immediately

The treatment of cholangiocarcinoma in the liver.

For the treatment, doctors will consider factors such as the size or nature of cancer cells. The range and spread of cancer. And look at the overall health of the patient.

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The main treatment of cancer, bile duct in the liver.

  1. Tumor surgery How is the standard treatment to be effective and to increase the survival rate of patients.
  2. Surgical drainage of bile duct In patients who can be expected to have a tumor. But the surgery revealed that the disease can not be cut off. The surgical biliary drainage for treatment of itching. The yellow eyes

Endoscopic treatment

In case the tumor can not be surgically removed or not a patient undergoing surgery.

chemical healing

In case you can not be ruled out cancer. Or after surgery to increase the chances of cure.

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