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You stand on the beach Abstracted out to the river front. You know the big wave is coming, but it's nothing you can do to stop it, and you can not run away from it. Here is a description of a woman while waiting for the departure of her husband. She was in the range of sadness to arise from the loss of her first husband died.

The sadness of this happening is not unlike the sadness that caused the most deaths. But may include severe sadness. Depression and anxiety as much as the death of someone we love.

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Fear and anger, do not accept the fact that it is common as well.

The difference is The sadness in this is also the time to gradually sadly reduced by gradually adjusting to life without a loved steadily, from which he can not do certain things that have to do together. and the other one died during the approach. You can accept the death occurred more easily. The loss is usually sudden and severe anger problems to accept the fact that their loved ones have died already.

The tragic deaths that occurred before it has a chance to say what is important 5.

  • You will be able to forgive me?
  • I forgive
  • Thank You
  • I Love You
  • bye

The opportunity to talk about the relationship between them make help pass the time after the loss easier.

Not everyone will feel this prior to the death of loved ones. I feel sad, it is a process in which each person is different. And the need to accept the truth about death. Which not everyone can do. Some may feel that accepting death is to let go of their loved ones.

Should look into that aspect of feeling sad before death is not neglecting your loved ones. Or relationships are common. It is a great opportunity to make that relationship stronger and more complete.

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